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Post-Corona avenues in spatial planning practice & research

We live in an extreme situation in most countries since mid of March 2020. It can hardly be expressed with words in any of our languages. We are moved to see impacts as well as strong collective measures taken in Europe and worldwide. We all live in space and we will continue to live and plan in space. The more we get knowledge and control over COVID-19, the more we will be able to think ahead and to restart a collective debate on spatial visions, their ethical/moral foundations and ways to organize and lead them. I am active in discovering future possibilities for spatial planning, changes induced by Corona and our means to lead spatial development in times of crisis.

Post-growth planning in post-corona times

What might the current Corona crisis mean from a post-growth planning perspective?This short discussion paper aims at supporting a debate within society and spatial planning about imagining positive growth-independent spatial futures and finding ways to plan and organize for them:
Post-growth planning for post-corona times: Reinventing a growth-independent planning in times of crisis

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In episode 5 of the #AfterCorona series of the Urban Political Podcast, Viola Schulze Dieckhoff (TU Dortmund, Germany) and me discuss about the paradigm of post-growth and its relation to cities. In particular we discussed the roots of this concept and movement in academia and beyond, what it means in terms of planning, living in cities and understanding wealth and its political potential as we deal with the COVID-19 situation.

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Corona blog articles

See also my further blog posts:, in the Blog Postwachstum (German) & in the Transforming Places Blog.

Spatial Planning and Human Dignity in times of Corona

Guest lecture and discussion by Prof. Dr. Benjamin Davy, president of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) as part of the course “City Matters: Urban Inequality and Social Justice”, Master Programme Socio-Spatial Planning (SSP) at the University of Groningen. I discuss with him about human dignity, urban spaces, exclusion and thoughts on the future of planning in post-corona times. Recorded on 24 March 2020. Ideas building upon a previous interview from 2019, available at (in German, pp. 65-78).


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Title photo: Detroit, Dequindre Cut, 2018 (own photo)

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